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Prime ATM Inc. is interested in buying your ATM route! 

Fill out the questionnaire below to get started! 


When walking you through the selling process we will do everything we can to ensure you are fully informed.

We have purchased and consulted with routes and portfolios of all sizes: from small, 5-10 machine turnkey-passive portfolios, to large, full-service 300+ machine portfolios. 

  • Work hand in hand with the pros in the sale of your route!

  • Ensure an easy transition of your ATM route!

  • Get the best return on your investment!

How Selling Works

Prime ATM Inc. will purchase your ATM Route outright OR can serve as your ATM industry expert as we work together to build a presentation, which will highlight the value of your business for any potential buyers. We will develop a custom marketing and advertising plan suited to your business and as inquires arise, we will walk all potential buyers through the sale and transition process. We will vet and then match buyers to your business before executing a smooth and successful closing. Utilizing our industry experience and expertise we will fully support both buyer and seller through a smooth transition post closing. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED. 

When Should You Sell

There are many different reasons why business owners decide to sell their routes. Whether you are retiring, relocating or simply moving in a new direction professionally, we can help you to understand what it will take to sell your business. Consideration of the supply and demand of the current market in your area, preparation of financials and other business documentation, marketing and advertising specifics and comprehensive buyer vetting are all services we provide during the selling process; all of which will ensure a successful and profitable sale when the time is right for you.

Other Sellers vs. Us

We offer a wealth of industry specific experience. During our time in the ATM industry in the field, we have worked hard to develop trusted relationships with other industry experts and have connections with various industry insiders, which can lead to quick and simple sales. We have hands on experience with every aspect of the business, including building and maintaining, and buying and selling routes of all sizes and scope, and we offer thoughtful and trustworthy guidance at a lower cost than anyone else in the field.

What You Can Expect

We understand that the decision to sell your business might not be easy, but when working with Prime ATM Inc., you can have peace of mind through out the sale and transition period. Expect hands on interaction with our sales team leader, quick communication and response time, and a strong work ethic. We will work to create a portfolio to attract the right qualified buyer. As industry experts, we are able to match buyers and sellers quickly and easily. 

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